2020 Big Party Entertainment Application

Once again, the convention will include The Big Party on Friday evening in lieu of hospitality Suites.  The Big Party offers a relaxing environment for networking, socializing with friends and entertainment.  Members are invited to perform at this event. 

The Big Party will include alternating performances between the stage and strolling acts. The Big Party entertainment is not a showcase.  The stage(s) are intended to be part of the party, not a focal point. There will be a bar, snacks, and various carnival-type activities happening during the evening.

The performances will be at a volume that will allow conversation in the rest of the room. A house sound system will be provided for stage acts and operated by OFA.  Amplification will be minimal, as background music.

Each performance will be 15 minutes.  There will be a maximum of 10 performances. The first performance will start at 7:30pm and the last performance will begin at 10:00pm. This schedule will be adjusted if we do not get enough acts applying to fill the time as scheduled.

Applying to Perform for Big Party

  • Must be OFA members at the time of application.
  • The application process is online-only with a $25 fee for each 15-minute performance, paid at the time of application.
  • Acts may apply for up to one performance.
  • Performances are awarded first-come-first-served, with one performance awarded to each act.
  • Showcase acts may also perform at The Big Party.

Scheduling is determined by the Big Party producer/OFA staff. Special requests for days or times are not guaranteed.

Stage Acts
Acts must set up and strike during the 15-minutes of the other performance. As one act is striking, another is setting up simultaneously. Some acts may not be suitable for the Big Party because of the limited amplification, stage size, or the constraints in set up and strike time. Acts may perform their act only. No selling, no pitch, no marketing.

Signage and marketing
OFA table signs and/or flyers will be highly visible during the Big Party event including a schedule of performances.  The name of each performing act and their trade show booth number will be listed to allow buyers to locate performers before and after their performance.  Performers may NOT distribute their own marketing materials around The Big Party space or on tables for general consumption.